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Hart District Elections
3rd May 2012

James Radley
Church Crookham East

Hello, I'm James Radley

I have been actively representing Church Crookham East since first being elected in 2004, a period in which the community has faced many challenges. Whether it is major issues (such as strategic planning) or localised problems (such as parking difficulties or controversial conservatories) I have always listened to both sides of an argument and tried to find a pragmatic solution. I don’t claim to always get it right – but I do promise to always try my best.

Our 4 children have all grown up in Church Crookham, attending the excellent local schools and taking part in various youth activities (Scouts, ATC, youth clubs, etc). I enjoy cycling across Tweseldown and appreciate (along with many others) the breath-taking natural beauty on our doorstep.

I value Church Crookham as being a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I feel privileged to live here and am driven to protect what we have from the numerous threats which challenge the quality of life for all of us.

I can be contacted by e-mail: JamesR@ccguk.com

Actions speak louder than words;


The Community Campaign have long worked to ensure that as far as possible the impact of the QEB development is mitigated. Now that the work has started and some of the anticipated problems have begun to occur we continue to hold the authorities & the developer to account to redress the issues.

We continue to campaign for the right level of school provision and argue strongly against inappropriate, ineffective and dangerous traffic calming schemes such as build outs. We have succeeded in having signalised crossings scheduled for Aldershot Road to give safer routes to school.

Development threats

The government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Hart’s own proposed Local Development Framework (LDF) are policies which hand in hand threaten to ring Fleet & Church Crookham with an unprecedented level of new housing development. While it is arguable that some level of new housing is required (especially houses that young families can afford) it is not acceptable for this new development to be simply tagged onto the edge of the existing town, with no thought for traffic congestion, the loss of biodiversity rich countryside on our doorstep or forcing children into oversized secondary schools.

The Community Campaign shall continue to challenge inappropriate development while holding developers of new builds to account for mitigating the adverse impacts that they have.

Keeping Fleet viable

The Community Campaign enabled the successful amendment to Hart’s 2012 budget to subsidise parking in Fleet by £37k – so that the town council could look at ways to make parking in Fleet more attractive to shoppers.

Help me make the difference

Without having to adhere to party political pressures, Community Campaign Councillors have made a positive impact in Hart by being able to do what they feel is right. Our Councillors consider alternative ideas with an open mind and readily challenge what others claim to be inevitable.

What does the Community Campaign (Hart) stand for?

voting slip James Radley says; The Community Campaign remains prepared to challenge those Council policies which defy common sense or which act against the best interests of the wider community.

Local Politics, it is about where you live

E-Mail: info@ccguk.com

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