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16th September, 2003.

Community Campaign Hart (CCH)


The CCH is an association formed out of members of the general public with the purpose of empowering the community to effectively represent itself on issues of significant local concern. The group believes that in order to ensure that the statute authorities make fair, representative and just decisions the deliberation process can not exclude the local community.

The CCH exists to combine the vastly varied skill sets of it's members to analyse, publicize, question and challenge the assumptions, assertions, data and legislation being used to determine issues of significant local importance.

The CCH is an inclusive body which will give help to the less 'media' enabled members of our society, ensuring that they are able to effectively express their view. The CCH will also strive to ensure that where appropriate the most sophisticated techniques of communication and use of media shall be deployed to ensure that the community is not ignored.

The CCH aims to represent the community as a whole and has no political affiliation. However to combat disenfranchisement brought about through any blatant discounting of universal public opinion by our elected representatives, the CCH reserve the right  to field our own (independent) candidates in selected seats at future district and county elections.


  1. Day to day running of the association shall be handled by an elected committee. The elected committee should contain at least four of the following officers, of which i. to iii. are mandatory.
    1. Chairman
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Membership Secretary
    5. Press Officer
    6. Election Agent (optional)
  2. The committee shall be elected by the membership at the inaugural meeting of the association and hence fore at each subsequent Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  3. An annual membership subscription of £5 shall be levied on members (£3 for senior citizens, etc) - fee revised by the executive committee (24th September 2004).
    1. The accounts of the association shall be subjected to an annual audit and the auditors report will be presented at the AGM.
  4. The association shall be able to affiliate itself with other appropriate local societies and groups, if acceptable to them.
  5. The association will be wound down if it does not hold an AGM for 15 months, membership falls below the level that can form a quorum committee (4 members) or by a vote of 80% of it's en-rolled members at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).
    1. If wound down any excess funds in the association's accounts shall be donated to local community groups.
  6. Members acting in respect of the association must maintain the highest standards of courtesy and integrity in their various engagements.